Haselhofer – Auma Industry+Marine

Shipbuilding industry Our actuators are used wherever safe function is required. Actuators are used for temperature control of the motor […]

DREHMO – valve actuators

DREHMO s-range s-range Actuators for conventional sytems, parallel hard wired signals. Torque and position measurement by microswitch. Intermediate position via […]

SIPOS- valve actuators

SIPOS Aktorik is a manufacturer of electric actuators Product range: Electric rotary, linear and part-turn actuators for standard and modulating duty […]

Multi-turn Actuators Auma

Multi-turn Actuators

| SA and SAR | SAV and SARV with ACV | SA-UW and SAR-UW | D and D (R) | SVM and SVMR | SEVEN | with gearboxes | SAEx and SAREx | SVC and SVCR | SVM and SVMR|

Part-turn Actuators

| SQ and SQR | FQM Fail safe unit | SQEx and SQREx | with geraboxes | with base and lever | SGC and SGCR | SGM and SGMR | ED and EQ |