DREHMO s-range

s-range Actuators for conventional sytems, parallel hard wired signals. Torque and position measurement by microswitch. Intermediate position via conductive plastic potentiometer and analogue position transducer. For optimum integration of s-range actuators into a plant, additional components such as reversing contactor combinations, PLC (hardware and software function blocks), power supply units (for heating, contactors and signals), and positioners have to be installed externally into the process control system and the low voltage switchboard.

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DREHMO c-matic

c-matic actuators have an integral control-unit with built-in user interface in sturdy industrial design. The contactless torque and position measurements result from the COMBI sensor. With the LEARN function an easy setting is guaranteed. The actuators made by DREHMO contain programmable functionalities.

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DREHMO i-matic

i-matic actuators are high-end sophisticated actuators. The actuators are operated via user interface with LC-display and push-buttons. They include c-matic functions and additionally programmable actuator functions and operating modes via remote and local settings, watchdog, electronic nameplate, datalogger as well as local valve diagnostics for predictive maintenance.

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DREHMO x-matic

x-matic actuators are high end valve actuators with the features of the i-matic range in flameproof enclosure. Operation is made via graphic LCD and push buttons. The actuators comprise the same functions as c-matic actuators. They are further equipped with local and remote configurable actuator functions, self-monitoring, electronic name plate, operation data logging as well as diagnostic functions for preventive maintenance.

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